Lake Pine Swimming Program

2017 Lake Pine Swimming Program

Session 1 -  July 10-14  | Session 2 – July  17-21
Swimming lessons at the Main Beach on Taunton Blvd. - a Lake Pine tradition for over 40 years - directed by Pat Yurcho, long time resident, retired educator, and Water Safety Instructor.

***Course descriptions are guides and lessons are taught to the skill level of students in each class***

Session 1  July 10, 11, 12, 13 ,( raindate - 14th)  /  Session 2  July 17, 18, 19. 20 ( raindate-21st)

COST $20  per session


10-10:30 AM – Stroke refinement/improvement - for students who know most swimming strokes but need a review.  They can jump or dive off board/dock and can swim without aids, can do front crawl w/coordinated breathing as well as several backstrokes, breast stroke/side stroke and does not rely on doggie paddling. They are very comfortable in deep water.  This course reviews and refines skills as well as develops more efficient strokes for better endurance in the water. (usually ages 8-12)

10:45-11:15 AM –  Skill and stroke readiness/practice - for students who float, submerge, swim underwater but are still learning to coordinate the front and back strokes and rhythmic breathing. Many students jump and dive into deep water but tend to doggie paddle or swim with face out of the water- some stroke knowledge/ability and ready to learn/improve for better water efficiency and safety. (approx. ages 6-8).

11:30-12 noon - Water exploration/primary beginner skills – for students who enjoy the water and will submerge and/or put their face in, are comfortable with lifting feet and swimming on top or under the water but hesitate to jump and swim into deep water without aids or close parent contact. (approx. ages 5-6)

12:10-12:40 pm – Water exploration/readiness - for young children with limited school/ swim lesson experience. They may be reluctant to put face in the water and submerge or love dunking and submerging but have limited attention span and ability to coordinate strokes (ages 4 -5 )   

(note- ability and coordination of strokes is developmental - age and athletic ability often dictates the speed of learning and mastering strokes / water skills.) All children benefit from review, repetition, practice, encouragement, fun with peers, and playing in the water!)   

Register:  fill out form below and mail, email, text  or drop off to Pat Yurcho, 212 E. Lake Blvd.  Keep top portion for your records.  Confirmations will be made by email with reminders put in mailbox.

Questions: call/text/email Pat at 609-410-1921 (Cell)       email Pat:


Cut on line and submit bottom registration - check will hold spot in class and is returned if child is unable to participate due to illness, vacation changes,  etc.


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